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d.light S3 Portable Solar Lantern for Camping

d.light S3 Portable Solar Lantern for Camping

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The d.light S3 solar rechargeable lantern is the next generation of the world's best-selling solar lantern.

d.light S3 solar rechargeable LED lantern specification:
Battery: 450 mAh
Battery nominal voltage: 3.2 V
Runtime: Up to 12 hours on Full Battery
Stand Wire Length: 140mm

d.light S3 is easy-to-use solar powered LED light for children to study during evening hours, improving their grades and creating a brighter future.
The affordability, reliability, and opportunity it provides, is the best choice for parents and children.
The sturdy design of d.light S3 is built to withstand daily use, with a product lifetime of over five years, and its highly efficient solar panel allows it to charge even on cloudy day.
d.light S3 solar rechargeable LED lantern is a reliable desk or portable lantern for lighting indoor or outdoor, which is the winner of Spark Awards.

  • EFFICIENT: High-efficiency solar panel can charge even on a cloudy day. Perfect addition to emergency preparedness kits and hurricane survival supplies
  • LONG-LASTING: Up to 12 hours of light on full charge
  • DURABLE: 5-year product lifetime, built with sturdy design and high-quality materials
  • VERSATILE: Adjustable metal handle allows the light to be placed on a table, set on the floor, hung from a wall or on a hook. Can be used as an LED camping tent light
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